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When you are looking for responsive, innovative solutions, bring your challenges to Food Business Resource. Our inter-disciplinary team provides insights from the marketing, technical and quality control perspectives, to help you attract customers and maintain product integrity.

Food Business Resource is able to streamline projects and save valuable time. Our comprehensive portfolio of capabilities allows us to pursue multiple aspects of your project simultaneously.

Food Business Resource is a unique multi-disciplinary resource providing both technical and business development services. This unique combination enables us to successfully meet the needs of our clients:

  • Manufacturers
  • Food Services
  • Retailers
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Distributors
  • Suppliers

Since 1990, our team has transformed hundreds of food ideas into marketable realities by providing - in one resource -a powerful combination of extensive experience, unbiased creativity and comprehensive pilot plant facilities.

We emphasize creative, out-of-the-box thinking in order to generate innovative food concepts.

Once a promising concept is selected, our Product and Process Development team develops bench-top formulas and prepares prototypes for consumer testing and Production scale-up.

At Food Business Resource, innovative thinking continues even after a new product is introduced.

Our Product and Process Development team is always ready to offer fresh ideas to renew interest in established food products. We can recommend ways to improve product acceptability and performance by modifying manufacturing processes, or provide evaluations of the competitive environment to help you plan successful line extensions.

The diversity of our Product and Process Development team contributes greatly to this record of success. Team members bring a variety of marketing and product development backgrounds to the process, which fosters innovative thinking and enables us to develop truly unique food products.

Bring your ideas to Food Business Resource and you will receive customized services designed to match your project's goals. You can expect a timely responses, complete confidentiality and competitive pricing.

We offer a variety of technical services to help you maintain consistent product quality and maximize manufacturing efficiencies. They include the development of detailed specifications for the finished product and process, standard operating procedures and quality assurance programs. We can also provide assistance with the optimization of processing parameters.


Our experience and expertise provides a resource that allows you to:

  1. Isolate new product opportunities.
  2. Generate consumer-relevant strategies and product ideas.
  3. Develop and test new concepts and real food prototypes with the speed and efficiency that you haven't imagined.

We integrate your team with our own creative marketers, seasoned chefs and disciplined food technologists in both the strategy and conception stage. This integration results in business building new product ideas that exploit a market opportunity, fit your brand and conform to your manufacturing realities.

Our facilities include flexible conference rooms and kitchen facilities that provide space for creative ideation and discovery, and also allow our chefs and food technologists to interact to bring to life touchable, tasteable food concepts that are commercially viable.

And you get consumer feedback on the products that we develop. Our 1000+ family research panel and focus group facility allows us to test and make revisions on the fly in our adjacent kitchens.

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Food Business Resource provides a contemporary setting for all your research requirements, offering an airy and open concept facility.

Focus group facilities floor plan

Our modern focus group facility in Kansas City was designed for client comfort and for functionality.

  • Our focus group room comfortably accommodates 12 observers.
  • The tastefully decorated observation room seats 6-10 people in front of one-way mirrors and offers a refreshment area and private washroom.
  • Food Business Resource offers high-speed Internet and wireless capabilities, along with complimentary use of laptop computers is available upon request.
  • There's a fully equipped kitchen for catering and taste tests.
  • Office-away-from-the-office equipment.
  • To complement our focus group facilities, we offer recruiting, written and simultaneous translation, note-taking, moderating and report-writing.
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What is Process Improvement?

Process improvement is a continuous evaluation of your organization to identify value-adding components from non-value-addingones. FBR uses tools from Lean Manufacturing, Six Sigma, TQM (Total Quality Management) to identify these constraints and helps you come up with strategies to eliminate them. We find out how you want to maximize your company's potential and employ the tools that fit your needs.

Benefits of FBR Process Improvement

  • Gain the tools you need to allow your organization to grow and prosper
  • Be self-sufficient in continuous improvement
  • Achieve self-propelled, proactive business building
  • Maximize your profits and efficiency through:
    1. Improved productivity
    2. Improved profitability
    3. Improved global competitiveness
    4. Improved sustainability

Integrating people with your process: A fresh perspective on your systems

  • Step 1: FBC Opportunity Analysis: initial systems "audit" to assess how well your system works now, and where improvement might be possible in:
    • Management Control Systems (organization forecasts, plans, decision-making tools for managing the business)
    • Production Processes (what is and is not adding value in producing goods and services)
    • Management Behavior (how supervisors work and interact with employees, and the effect on productivity)
  • Step 2: Presentation of findings (savings, timelines, milestones)
  • Step 3: Implementation of plan
  • Step 4: Training and hand-over to your plant (internal sustainability)
  • Step 5: FBR follow-up to help ensure you are on course

Food Business Resource provides you with a competitive advantage:

  • Collaborative approach, with FBR team members as your on-call R&D department
  • Comply with regulations, perform your due diligence, and ensure food safety and quality up front
  • Understand your product, process and package intimately
  • Deal confidently with a co-packer's suggested changes by understanding better how they might affect your product

Benefits of Food Business Resource's Process Development Expertise:

  • Streamline your processes for maximum efficiency, safety, quality and profitability
  • Protect your brand equity and profitability through safe, cost-effective, efficient processes
  • Delight your customers with great products

Process Improvements and Troubleshooting

  • Plant assessments and troubleshooting
  • Equipment sourcing and evaluation
  • Process layout and flow diagrams
  • People efficiency and ergonomics
  • Efficient processes
  • Lean Manufacturing, Six Sigma, etc.

Maintenance & Reliability

  • Predictive and preventative maintenance scheduling
  • GMP setup
  • HACCP improvements
  • Technical training for maintenance staff
  • Downtime reduction

Plant/Line Start-Up

  • Process layout and design
  • Facility evaluation
  • Equipment search and supervision of installation
  • Start-up testing
  • Automation assistance
  • Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)
  • Sanitation Standard Operating Procedures (SSOPs)
  • Link with quality programs

Co-Packer Search and Validation and Management

  • Co-packer search and assessment
  • Assistance with transition


Food Business Resource has extensive industry expertise in the area of creative culinary and new product development. We use a defined methodical approach using both qualitative and quantitative research. This process in conjunction with your brand attributes provides valuable insight for developing new products which are on target, contemporary, and will generate excitement and increased sales for you and your customers. We have an extensive background in developing new and revised products for both the foodservice and the food manufacturing industry. The culinary and technical background of our staff has been utilized in all areas and categories from ideation to commercialization in the food manufacturing segment.

Our process and objectivity bring a systematic quantifiable approach to what is often times a reactive and crisis driven process. Our step by step approach includes:

  • Identify Client Needs
  • Operations Review
  • Concept Ideation
  • Protocept Review & Refinement
  • Prototype Development
  • Client Review
  • Prototype Refinement
  • Define Specifications
  • Develop Training Materials
  • Commercialization Support
  • Rollout & Training Support
  • Quality Assurance Follow-Up

Our sensory research team can help:

  • Generate attributes and intensities that are statistically linked to consumer liking data.
  • Provide sensory target matching insight.
  • Perform sensory screening to analyze competitive products and define opportunities.
  • Provide actionable Sensory guidance for R&D and Marketing.
  • Create data critical to product optimization.
  • Develop production tolerance ranges anchored in consumer liking.
  • Monitor production variability, creates benchmarks and sensory specs for QA.
  • Measure shelf-stability.

Co-Pack Management

FOOD BUSINESS RESOURCE's contract manufacturing gives clients access to the most up-to-date manufacturing infrastructures and processes. FOOD BUSINESS RESOURCE takes on the role of managing day-to-day scheduling, labor management, production and packaging.
FOOD BUSINESS RESOURCE's experience is wide and diverse, and clients easily ramp up or slow down production to meet demand. At the same time, diversification and market trials can be built and executed quickly.



Outsourcing saves money, resources and speeds products to market. The benefits of outsourcing are compelling. Outsourcing allows you to concentrate on your core competencies and reduce costs. Outsourcing helps decrease debt by shifting capital to another company's books.

FOOD BUSINESS RESOURCE provides production management; taking on all functions of manufacturing, from product inception through production and distribution. We provide full-service operations management, giving marketing-driven companies a significant business advantage. With more than 100 years of purchasing, manufacturing and logistics experience, FOOD BUSINESS RESOURCE builds and manages a network of manufacturing resources that meet most any operational and production need.

Outsourcing manufacturing is an essential core competency of FOOD BUSINESS RESOURCE. Most major corporations outsource some aspect of manufacturing, and some multi-nationals outsource all production.

Contract manufacturing continues to grow in popularity, primarily because the process delivers two huge benefits:

  1. Contract manufacturing delivers great flexibility and versatility to a company's in-house staff, which tends to be static and slow to change in traditional corporations.
  2. Contract manufacturing frees up capital and cash for research and development, marketing, advertising and business functions that focus on increasing product demands.


  • STRATEGY: What is the best manufacturing outsourcing strategy? What and when to outsource?
  • SOURCING: How do you source good contract manufacturers? What should you pay; what services should you expect?
  • MANAGEMENT: How do you manage for performance, measure results and drive improvement?

STRATEGY: Outsourcing objectives and cost models are used to develop and evaluate a contract manufacturing strategy. Our recommendations are fact-based not opinion-based. Since we work for the marketer of the product - not the contract manufacturer - we remain objective and impartial. Confidentiality is of paramount concern. Some clients prefer total anonymity, in which case the work is performed under FOOD BUSINESS RESOURCE's name.

SOURCING: The right sourcing choice is critical. FOOD BUSINESS RESOURCE defines contract manufacturer selection criteria, identifies potential contractors, analyzes pricing, and carefully evaluates capabilities. We conduct on-site fact-finding and analysis, including a prospective contractor's customers and vendors. Through research, analysis, and due-diligence, FOOD BUSINESS RESOURCE identifies the right contract manufacturer. It has taken many years to develop the contacts, network, and well-tuned insights of FOOD BUSINESS RESOURCE. There are no short cuts to experience.

MANAGEMENT: FOOD BUSINESS RESOURCE is aggressive in managing relationships with contract manufacturers. Key FOOD BUSINESS RESOURCE personnel with decades of outsourcing management experience closely monitor day-to-day operations. FOOD BUSINESS RESOURCE insists upon maximum performance with measurable results and continuous improvement in cost, quality, delivery, and efficiency.



  • Single source project management
  • Anonymity
  • Confidentiality
  • Focused activity by specialist company
  • Independent
  • Uniform procedures/protocols around the globe

Whether you're benchmarking the competition, tracking trends or monitoring product quality, nothing beats an actual product sample.

Our Product Retrieval Service can locate products quickly. We'll locate and retrieve packaged goods for competitive analysis, focus group testing, taste testing, ingredient analysis, quality assurance, packaging analysis, new product research and sensory evaluation.

Product retrievals are just part of our service. We're also adept at store surveys, date code tracking, innovation searches, product category monitors and other special requests. We'llwork to design a program to meet your needs.

Make product samples part of your new product intelligence system with our Product Retrieval Service. Call today to discuss your project.

Product retrieval service allows you to:

  • Perform quality assurance tests
  • Genetate new product ideas
  • Undertake consumer product sampling
  • Identify gaps in the market
  • Perform competitor evaluations
  • Evaluate new markets

You've seen or heard of a product existing in Europe that has given you an idea, but first you want to get your hands on the real thing. One phone call to Food Business Resource and we will have one of our field associates retrieving the product, from the country you specify, within 24 hours of your instructions being given. As soon as possible, the product will be on your desk.

The coverage, flexibility and speed of response of Food Business Resources' worldwide product retrieval network are unmatched. Whatever you need, whenever you need it, and wherever it may be, the answer is always 'yes'.

We provide you with:

  • Access to worldwide retail outlets
  • The choice of adhoc or regular collection
  • Any Quantity
  • Direct delivery to any address in the world
  • Freedom to select products at random or to a predetermined pattern
  • Any frequency

No hassle - we arrange pick-up, packaging, documentation, customs clearance and transport to your door. All you have to do is tell us what you want.

The independence, confidentiality and anonymity of Food Business Resource serves as a platform for all successful QA projects, for either product retrieval and retail audits

Regular and continual supplies of your own or your competitors' products are invaluable for monitoring quality standards, innovations and package design.

With our ability to co-ordinate and use uniform international research measurements, allowing for accurate cross-border comparisons, and to return samples direct to your own laboratories, Food Business Resource services is perfectly placed (in every place) to carry out your QA requirements.

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