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Food Business Resource has extensive industry expertise in the area of creative culinary and new product development. We use a defined methodical approach using both qualitative and quantitative research. This process in conjunction with your brand attributes provides valuable insight for developing new products which are on target, contemporary, and will generate excitement and increased sales for you and your customers. We have an extensive background in developing new and revised products for both the foodservice and the food manufacturing industry. The culinary and technical background of our staff has been utilized in all areas and categories from ideation to commercialization in the food manufacturing segment.

Our process and objectivity bring a systematic quantifiable approach to what is often times a reactive and crisis driven process. Our step by step approach includes:

  • Identify Client Needs
  • Operations Review
  • Concept Ideation
  • Protocept Review & Refinement
  • Prototype Development
  • Client Review
  • Prototype Refinement
  • Define Specifications
  • Develop Training Materials
  • Commercialization Support
  • Rollout & Training Support
  • Quality Assurance Follow-Up

Our sensory research team can help:

  • Generate attributes and intensities that are statistically linked to consumer liking data.
  • Provide sensory target matching insight.
  • Perform sensory screening to analyze competitive products and define opportunities.
  • Provide actionable Sensory guidance for R&D and Marketing.
  • Create data critical to product optimization.
  • Develop production tolerance ranges anchored in consumer liking.
  • Monitor production variability, creates benchmarks and sensory specs for QA.
  • Measure shelf-stability.

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