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  • Single source project management
  • Anonymity
  • Confidentiality
  • Focused activity by specialist company
  • Independent
  • Uniform procedures/protocols around the globe

Whether you're benchmarking the competition, tracking trends or monitoring product quality, nothing beats an actual product sample.

Our Product Retrieval Service can locate products quickly. We'll locate and retrieve packaged goods for competitive analysis, focus group testing, taste testing, ingredient analysis, quality assurance, packaging analysis, new product research and sensory evaluation.

Product retrievals are just part of our service. We're also adept at store surveys, date code tracking, innovation searches, product category monitors and other special requests. We'llwork to design a program to meet your needs.

Make product samples part of your new product intelligence system with our Product Retrieval Service. Call today to discuss your project.

Product retrieval service allows you to:

  • Perform quality assurance tests
  • Genetate new product ideas
  • Undertake consumer product sampling
  • Identify gaps in the market
  • Perform competitor evaluations
  • Evaluate new markets

You've seen or heard of a product existing in Europe that has given you an idea, but first you want to get your hands on the real thing. One phone call to Food Business Resource and we will have one of our field associates retrieving the product, from the country you specify, within 24 hours of your instructions being given. As soon as possible, the product will be on your desk.

The coverage, flexibility and speed of response of Food Business Resources' worldwide product retrieval network are unmatched. Whatever you need, whenever you need it, and wherever it may be, the answer is always 'yes'.

We provide you with:

  • Access to worldwide retail outlets
  • The choice of adhoc or regular collection
  • Any Quantity
  • Direct delivery to any address in the world
  • Freedom to select products at random or to a predetermined pattern
  • Any frequency

No hassle - we arrange pick-up, packaging, documentation, customs clearance and transport to your door. All you have to do is tell us what you want.

The independence, confidentiality and anonymity of Food Business Resource serves as a platform for all successful QA projects, for either product retrieval and retail audits

Regular and continual supplies of your own or your competitors' products are invaluable for monitoring quality standards, innovations and package design.

With our ability to co-ordinate and use uniform international research measurements, allowing for accurate cross-border comparisons, and to return samples direct to your own laboratories, Food Business Resource services is perfectly placed (in every place) to carry out your QA requirements.

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