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Bringing a variety of backgrounds to the process
to develop unique solutions
for your project's goal

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Our experience and expertise provides a resource that allows you to:

  1. Isolate new product opportunities.
  2. Generate consumer-relevant strategies and product ideas.
  3. Develop and test new concepts and real food prototypes with the speed and efficiency that you haven't imagined.

We integrate your team with our own creative marketers, seasoned chefs and disciplined food technologists in both the strategy and conception stage. This integration results in business building new product ideas that exploit a market opportunity, fit your brand and conform to your manufacturing realities.

Our facilities include flexible conference rooms and kitchen facilities that provide space for creative ideation and discovery, and also allow our chefs and food technologists to interact to bring to life touchable, tasteable food concepts that are commercially viable.

And you get consumer feedback on the products that we develop. Our 1000+ family research panel and focus group facility allows us to test and make revisions on the fly in our adjacent kitchens.

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