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Co-Pack Management

FOOD BUSINESS RESOURCE's contract manufacturing gives clients access to the most up-to-date manufacturing infrastructures and processes. FOOD BUSINESS RESOURCE takes on the role of managing day-to-day scheduling, labor management, production and packaging.
FOOD BUSINESS RESOURCE's experience is wide and diverse, and clients easily ramp up or slow down production to meet demand. At the same time, diversification and market trials can be built and executed quickly.



Outsourcing saves money, resources and speeds products to market. The benefits of outsourcing are compelling. Outsourcing allows you to concentrate on your core competencies and reduce costs. Outsourcing helps decrease debt by shifting capital to another company's books.

FOOD BUSINESS RESOURCE provides production management; taking on all functions of manufacturing, from product inception through production and distribution. We provide full-service operations management, giving marketing-driven companies a significant business advantage. With more than 100 years of purchasing, manufacturing and logistics experience, FOOD BUSINESS RESOURCE builds and manages a network of manufacturing resources that meet most any operational and production need.

Outsourcing manufacturing is an essential core competency of FOOD BUSINESS RESOURCE. Most major corporations outsource some aspect of manufacturing, and some multi-nationals outsource all production.

Contract manufacturing continues to grow in popularity, primarily because the process delivers two huge benefits:

  1. Contract manufacturing delivers great flexibility and versatility to a company's in-house staff, which tends to be static and slow to change in traditional corporations.
  2. Contract manufacturing frees up capital and cash for research and development, marketing, advertising and business functions that focus on increasing product demands.


  • STRATEGY: What is the best manufacturing outsourcing strategy? What and when to outsource?
  • SOURCING: How do you source good contract manufacturers? What should you pay; what services should you expect?
  • MANAGEMENT: How do you manage for performance, measure results and drive improvement?

STRATEGY: Outsourcing objectives and cost models are used to develop and evaluate a contract manufacturing strategy. Our recommendations are fact-based not opinion-based. Since we work for the marketer of the product - not the contract manufacturer - we remain objective and impartial. Confidentiality is of paramount concern. Some clients prefer total anonymity, in which case the work is performed under FOOD BUSINESS RESOURCE's name.

SOURCING: The right sourcing choice is critical. FOOD BUSINESS RESOURCE defines contract manufacturer selection criteria, identifies potential contractors, analyzes pricing, and carefully evaluates capabilities. We conduct on-site fact-finding and analysis, including a prospective contractor's customers and vendors. Through research, analysis, and due-diligence, FOOD BUSINESS RESOURCE identifies the right contract manufacturer. It has taken many years to develop the contacts, network, and well-tuned insights of FOOD BUSINESS RESOURCE. There are no short cuts to experience.

MANAGEMENT: FOOD BUSINESS RESOURCE is aggressive in managing relationships with contract manufacturers. Key FOOD BUSINESS RESOURCE personnel with decades of outsourcing management experience closely monitor day-to-day operations. FOOD BUSINESS RESOURCE insists upon maximum performance with measurable results and continuous improvement in cost, quality, delivery, and efficiency.

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